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Trista Sue Kragh

Trista Sue Kragh, author of ‘Figure It Out’, utilizes her 25 years of hotel ownership experience as an international business and leadership trainer. 

She teaches time-tested principles proven to be successful through recession or pandemic in her business, as well as her involvement in launching of her husbands’ architecture firm in 2009. 

She serves as a trustee of her mentor, the late Dr. Myles Munroe’s leadership organization, ITWLA. She traveled with Dr. Munroe across the world, meeting with government officials to transform nations. She founded Agents for Change with the focus to expand the mentorship and leadership training that she received from Dr Myles Munroe. 

She is married to Matthew Kragh, who is an award-winning architect with 8 regional offices. They have a son Maverick and daughter Shiloh. They split their residence between Naples, Florida and the mountains of North Carolina.  

“Leading to transform culture and influence change through intentional leadership training.”

The School of Influence for Agents of Change™ was created to teach the process and standard required for leadership development.